Mercedes amg G63 2019

Mercedes amg G63 2019

G63 2019 is the second and entirely new generation of the famous Mercedes AMG G 63 cars, where the history of the launch of the G-Class of Mercedes cars dates back to 1979, while the second generation was revealed in 2018 with mechanical and performance improvements and a more sophisticated cabin, but the German manufacturer was unable To change the design and the overall shape remained the same, in what became known as the box design that highlights the exceptional capabilities of this distinctive car.

Exterior design

In terms of the exterior appearance, Mercedes increased the dimensions of the car slightly, so the G36 2019 became longer, wider and higher than the previous one.

  In the front, we also see the new AMG grille design, the front and rear lights and turn lights got LED lights, while the car is available in 20, 21 or 22 inch rims.

In general, the car retained the usual design features, which are the prominent bonnet and exterior doors of the doors and circular front lights, independent turning lights and prominent door handles in addition to the dual exhaust exits on the side and the external spare wheel bearing the Mercedes logo at the back, and of course the G63 logo at the back And V8 on both sides.


The cabin also provided two giant 12.3-inch screens, the first works as a meter screen and another displays the information entertainment system while this system is controlled through the special control tool in the center console or the touch buttons on the steering wheel, while the driver can connect his smartphone to the car via the Apple Car Play system Or Android Auto.

engines g63

Equipped with a 4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, instead of the 5.5-liter engine in the previous generation, generating 577 hp and 850 Nm, this engine got several updates compared to the previous engine as pistons were developed and the turbo cooling process was used and programming was used The latest.

To reduce fuel consumption, a cylinder management system was used, which stops four cylinders when the engine does not need to operate at full capacity, which gives the G63 an average consumption of 13.2 l / 100 km.

It is connected to the engine with a fast, automatic, nine-speed switch that drives from zero to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds, up to a top speed of 220 km / h, and the top speed increases to 240 km / h when selecting the "AMG Driver" package.


*Number of cylinders 8

*Engine Capacity (CC) 4000

*Horse Number (HP) 577

*Automatic gearbox

*Curb weight (kg) 2354

*Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h 4.5

*Maximum speed (km / h) 220

*Tire size is 20 to 22

*Fuel consumption in the city and on highways (liters per 100 km) 13.3

*Fuel tank capacity (liters) 100

*Stability control system included

*Wheels control system included

*Braking assistance system included

*Brake pressure distribution system included

*Blind spot detection system included

*Off-track alert system is included

*Night vision system not included

*Rear camera to help line up included

*Cruise control included

*Child seat restraint not included

*Roadside assistance system is included

*Parking sensors included

*Tire pressure monitoring system is not included

*Hillside control system is not included

*Sunroof included

*Leather seats included

*Seats for heating and cooling feature

*Massage system included

*Memory electric seats included

*The multifunction steering wheel is included

*The engine start and stop button is included

*Electric curtains not included

*Tinted glass included

*Control system for the rear compartment is included

*Rear seat screens not included

*Automatic parking assist system not included

*Panoramic roof not included

*CD recorder included

*Navigation included

*DVD player included

*Screen included

*Bluetooth system included

*USB port included

*An entrance to connect to iPod music devices is included

Mercedes G63 price 2019

*The price of Mercedes G63 2019 is 196 000 USD