Toyota Avalon 2019

Toyota Avalon 2019

Toyota Avalon falls under the category of luxury large sedans, and is characterized by providing a wide and comfortable space for passengers, and while the fifth generation recently appeared in the Detroit Auto Show 2018, Avalon 2019 got a bold design and comprehensive modifications and a new engine, this of course along with a long list of Comfort specifications and safety preservation.

outside look

The all-new Avalon is available in eight distinct exterior colors.

The Toyota Avalon in 2019 also became longer, wider and lower than the previous generation and came in a stylish low and streamlined design, while the huge front grille dominates the front end, where the LED lights are integrated, and on both sides side air vents that improve aerodynamics. The car also adds a distinctive character to the exterior design.

Moreover, the 2019 Toyota Avalon is fitted with a newly developed 18-inch alloy wheels, with a high-gloss chrome plating, which has added even more volume and sophistication (to the Limited model), while in the rear we see new tail lights that connect to a thin line Elegant runs along the rear fa├žade, above which is a small wing at the edge of the box, while below we see chrome-plated exhaust nozzles.

Toyota Avalon 2019 interior

The interior of the Toyota Avalon has an unprecedented level of calm, as Toyota has used new materials and advanced sound insulation technologies to give the driver and passengers a quiet riding experience without noise.

As for the materials used in the cabin brushes, Toyota adopted a combination of high-quality materials and soft-touch, in addition to wooden decorations on the surfaces, and the new Avalon of course maintained comfortable seats and wide spaces that distinguished this model over previous generations, in front and back.

While the buttons and controls were distributed in a simple and easy to use way, the Toyota Avalon provides the latest luxury specifications in its cabin, which includes an improved 9-inch screen, a color display at the driver's level of view, a three-sided steering wheel with steering controls, and wireless charging. For smartphones, the Apple Car Play system.

The car also acquired the advanced Toyota Safety System in its second generation, which constitutes an integrated safety package.

Toyota Avalon 2019 engine

A V6 engine generates 298 hp and 356 Nm of torque, connected to an 8-speed automatic gearbox that drives the front wheels, and drives from zero to 100 km / h in 6.0 seconds to a top speed of 220 km / h

also read

*Number of cylinders 6
*Engine Capacity (CC) 3500
*Horse Number (hp) 298
*Automatic gearbox
*Curb weight (kg) 1614
*Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h 6.0
*Maximum speed (km / h) 220
*Tire size 17-19
*Fuel consumption in the city (liters per 100 km) 11
*Fuel consumption on highways (liters per 100 km) 7.4

*Fuel consumption in the city and on highways (liters per 100 km) 9.4
*Fuel tank capacity (liters) 60
*Stability control system included
*Wheels control system included
*Braking assistance system included
*Brake pressure distribution system included

*Blind spot detection system included
*Off-track alert system is included
*Night vision system not included
*Rear camera to help line up included
*Cruise control included
*Child seat lock feature included
*Roadside assistance system is included
*Parking sensors included

*Tire pressure monitoring system included
*Hillside control system is not included
*Sunroof included
*Leather seats included
*Seats for heating and cooling feature
*Massage system not included
*Memory electric seats included

*The multifunction steering wheel is included
*The engine start and stop button is included
*Electric curtains included
*Tinted glass not included
*Control system for the rear compartment is included
*Rear seat screens included
*Automatic parking assist system not included

*Panoramic roof not included
*CD recorder included
*Navigation included
*DVD player included
*Screen included
*Bluetooth system included
*USB port included
*An entrance to connect to iPod music devices is included
*JBL sound system