Volvo s90

Volvo s90

The S90 is a stylish mid-size sedan, presented by Volvo as an alternative to the discontinued S80, and the S90 is the most luxurious car within the current Volvo fleet, and the car is characterized by a quiet and elegant design, as soon as it first appeared in the Detroit Motor Show early 2016, the car won a prize of the most beautiful Car for 2015.

In terms of exterior appearance, the Volvo S90 came with styling lines similar to its older sister Volvo XC90 in the SUV class, and these lines flow from the front to the back quietly with a roof similar to the coupe cars, which gave the car a touch of sophistication and luxury.

At the front is the traditional Volvo front grille, but an updated design bearing the famous Volvo brand. The car also got a bug with a distinctive lighting system that carries a special Volvo footprint. While the hammer design stands out in the daytime lights integrated into the thin headlights, the rear lights are huge and wide so that other cars notice them. On the road to maintain safety.

The quiet character continues in the design of the interior of the Volvo S90 , which is considered one of the best and most beautiful car compartments within this category of prices.

The interior of the Volvo S90  also provided a large touch screen, so that it can be used to control the various functions of the car instead of buttons. The interior also has a Bluetooth feature to connect smartphones in addition to a navigation system and a high-quality audio system that can be selected with 19 headsets.

Specifications and prices for Volvo S90 :

The Volvo S90  is available in two versions: Volvo (Momentum) and Volvo (Inspiration). Both versions vary in terms of specifications and prices.

Specifications of Volvo S90 version (Momentum):

Heated front seats with electric control

Interactive cruise control

Dual-zone automatic air conditioning

8 inch display

Navigation and radio system

18-inch wheels

Metal mesh in glossy black

Specifications of Volvo S90 Edition (Uncirculation):

Heated and cooled leather front seats with 10-way electric control

Bowers & Wilkins Premium Sound System with 19 Speakers

4-zone air conditioning (for rear seats)

Wood veneer decorations

20-inch metal rims

Inscription on the front grille

LED front lights with efficient automatic control

In terms of safety specifications and safety preservation, the Volvo S90 has the following features:

Auxiliary driver feature

Interactive cruise control

Sensors and back camera

360 degree camera

Observe large animals

Automatic parking feature without driver intervention

Blind spot monitoring and help keep track

Volvo S90 engines 

The Volvo S90 2017 is available with a T6 turbocharged and supercharged four-cylinder petrol at the same time. It has a capacity of two liters, generating 320 hp and 400 Newton meters of torque,

The most powerful T8 version, a hybrid system based on electric motors that runs alongside the T6 engine, is also available.

The Volvo S90 2017 is available in other regions with a two-liter T5.

All Volvo S90 engine options are connected to an eight-speed automatic gearbox, delivering power to the wheels either through front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.


*Number of cylinders
*Engine Capacity (CC)
*Horse number (hp)
*Curb weight (kg)

*Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h
*Top speed (km / h)
*Tire size
18, 20, or 21
*Fuel consumption in the city (liters per 100 km)

*Fuel consumption on highways (liters per 100 km)
*Fuel consumption in the city and on highways (liters per 100 km)
*Fuel tank capacity (liters)
*Stability control system
*Wheel control system
*Braking assistance system

*Brake pressure distribution system
not included
*Blind spot detection system
*Off-track alert system
*Night vision system
not included
*Back camera to help line up

*Cruise control
*Child seat lock feature
*Roadside assistance system
not included
*Parking sensors

*Tire pressure monitoring system
not included
*Hill descent control system
not included
*Leather seats

*Seats with heating and cooling feature
*Massage system
not included
*Memory electric seats
*Multi-function steering wheel
*Engine start and stop button

*Electric curtains
not included
*Tinted glass
not included
*Control the air conditioning system for the rear compartment
*Rear seat screens
not included
*Automatic parking assist system

*Panoramic roof
not included
*CD recorder
*Navigation system
*DVD player
*Display Screen

*Bluetooth system
*USB port
*An entrance for connecting iPod music devices
Sound system
Bowers & Wilkins