Vw golf 2019

Volkswagen Golf 2019

Golf is the best-selling car in the Volkswagen fleet, as the German company has manufactured more than 33 million copies of the first hatchback in the world, since the first generation was launched in 1974 until now, while the Volkswagen Golf falls under the generation Seventh, however, the car underwent an upgrade two years ago, apparently in preparation for the launch of the new generation of the car later.

The exterior changes to the design of the Volkswagen Golf 2017 were slight, and included new front and rear bumper lights, in addition to LED front lights, daytime running lights and new tires.The vehicle also got LED rear lights as a standard in all versions, and the German manufacturer did not forget, of course, to provide a new set of Colors for the exterior of this hatchback.


Along the way to Volkswagen Golf 2019, we note innovations that have included many modern technologies, such as voice control and manual gesture control, which are available in a higher class of cars such as BMW 7 Series, in addition to providing many advanced technologies that help the driver to drive .

Whether with a three-door or five-door version, the car provides ample space inside while the load capacity of the cargo box reaches 380 liters, the cabin also got a new control unit design and a digital dashboard displayed through 12.3 inches and a screen that works with active information from Volkswagen .

Volkswagen Golf Specifications

Golf C Specifications

Golf SE has the following standard specifications:

* 1.0-liter, four-cylinder engine with 110 hp turbo engine
* Seven-speed DSG automatic transmission
* 15-inch alloy wheels
* Halogen headlights
* LED taillights
* Tire pressure monitoring system
* Manual air conditioner
* Sound system with 4 speakers
* USB port with bluetooth feature
* Steering wheel wrapped leather with control buttons
* Electric mirrors adjustment
* Airbags for driver and front and rear passengers

The SE version of the 1.2-liter Golf is available in some markets

Golf salt specifications

The car contains the previous specifications in addition to the following features (standard):

* 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine with turbocharging capacity generating 150 hp
* 16-inch alloy wheels
* Front and back sensors to assist with parking

Golf GTI 2019 P1 specifications

Golf GTI adds the following features as a Standard:

* 2-liter, four-cylinder engine with 230 hp turbo
* 6-speed DSG automatic transmission
* Sport front bumper and front hex holes
* Dark red LED taillights
*18-inch metal rims
*Chrome plated exhaust tube
*Driving mode selection system
*Parking assistance system
*Audio system with 8 speakers
* Sport front seats
*Automatic air conditioning system

Golf R Specifications

This version is considered the most powerful of the 2019 Golf cars, and it has the following advantages as standard specifications, in addition to the previous specifications:

*Four-cylinder engine with 300 hp turbo
*DSG automatic transmission seven speeds
*High-performance front bumper and sporty side trims
*Double exhaust pipe, chrome plated on both sides

Find out more specifications available on the Golf 2019, with their different versions, in the list below

Number of cylinders 4
Engine Capacity (CC) 2000
Horse Number (HP) 300
Automatic gearbox
Curb Weight (kg) 1400
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h 4.8
Maximum speed (km / h) 250
Tire size 15-19
Fuel consumption in the city and on highways (liters per 100 km) 6.1
Fuel Tank Capacity (liters) 50 (55)
Stability control system included
Wheels control system included
Braking assistance system included
Brake pressure distribution system included
Blind spot detection system included
Off-track alert system is included
Night vision system not included
Rear camera to help line up included
Cruise control included
Child seat lock feature included
Roadside assistance is not included
Parking sensors included
Tire pressure monitoring system included
Hillside control system is not included
Sunroof included
Leather seats included
Seats for heating and cooling feature not included
Massage system not included
Memory electric seats not included
The multifunction steering wheel is included
The engine start and stop button is included
Electric curtains not included
Tinted glass not included
Rear control system is included
Rear seat screens not included
Automatic parking assistant system included
Panoramic roof included
CD recorder included
Navigation included
DVD player not included
Screen included
Bluetooth system
USB port included
An entrance to connect musical instruments
Number of headphones 8