Important new information about the first Ferrari SUV in history

Important new information about the first Ferrari SUV in history

New information on the first Ferrari SUV to be named Ferrari Purosangue has spread on the web.

According to what was posted on AutoExpress after talking to Mr. Michael Lieters who is CTO, Ferrari's chief technology officer, it seems that the Ferrari SUV will be based on the same Ferrari chassis as 2020.

After the tremendous success achieved by Lamborghini Urus in terms of sales percentage, and the tremendous expectations that the DBX car of the British Aston Martin company will dream, we will talk today about the first SUV in the history of the Italian Ferrari company specialized in the manufacture of super sports cars likely to be launched during the year 2021.

The report added that this chassis is suitable to make the next car equipped with a front-engine or a rear-engine, and that the initial models will provide a arrangement of 2 + 2 or 4 + seats, which makes us expect that the Ferrari Purosangue 2021 will be equipped with 4 passenger seats or 5 passenger seats.

The new chassis on which the Ferrari Roma 2020 depends and the first Ferrari SUV is designed to be equipped with these options of engines:

*V6 engine.
*V8 engine.

*V12 engine.

But press expectations suggest that the upcoming new Ferrari Purosangue 2021 will rely on the Plug-in Hybrid system to combine the work of a gasoline engine with an electric motor that is charged by an electric socket.

As a reminder, Ferrari announced earlier that it will make 60% of its vehicles coming in 2022 depend on hybrid systems that derive their energy from electric motors.