Rolls Royce Dawn

Rolls Royce Dawn 

Luxurious, exclusive and exciting, Rolls-Royce says it is the most exciting car in its fleet, Rolls-Royce Dawn - Dawn in Arabic - is a convertible coupe that can accommodate four passengers, presented by Rolls-Royce during the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015, and is the third car revealed by the company in 45 years, and is also considered The largest and most luxurious detection car in the world, Rolls-Royce supplied the all-new model of her car with the spirit of sporty feeling, and refused to engage in vulgar discussions about driving dynamics, road feeling, and more. The car will perform as expected, and the owner will not need to worry about existing technologies, as the experience is designed to be comfortable in all respects.
These impressions we got after Rolls-Royce Dawn came out "Dawn". The Dawn detector car contains two doors and four royal seats, in addition to having amazing aspects that cannot be rivaled by any kind of other sports car.

The car's name and design are inspired by the classic 1952 Silver Dawn, but with a contemporary view of what luxury cars should be like, the company says that 80% of the body parts are completely new and specially made for this distinctive car, while the front grille got a design New The front bumper has been increased by 53 mm compared to the Wraith model and has been fitted with 21-inch polished metal wheels.

The elegance of Rolls Royce Dawn 2016 appears when viewed from the side, where the fabric roof appears consistent with the shape of the car without any bulges, as is the case in other types of cars with a fabric roof. Oblique angled and smooth lines on both sides of the car, 
Every Rolls-Royce car is specially prepared for each of its customers, and with so many alternatives, it is not necessary that the cars that make it be the same.

From the back, the backend is wider with a design, When lowering the roof, the rear platform that surrounds the rear seats appears in the shape of a horse suit, which reflects the highest levels of professionalism and mastery.

Rolls-Royce did an amazing job making the Dawn very elegant.
dawn interior

The interior of Rolls-Royce Dawn includes 4 independent seats, while the cabin was surrounded by the most luxurious wood and leather as you would expect in a Rolls-Royce, and the instrument panel was redesigned to provide minimal control over the brushed metal that is simple and easy to use, while the cars retained classic counters that Emphasizes the excellence of this car and its luxurious identity.

The elegant fabric ceiling can be opened and closed in just 22 seconds and completely quietly - silent ballet - and up to a speed of 50 km / h. The roof is also designed in the style of "French seam" that provides a smooth surface to pass air around the fabric ceiling when traveling at high speeds without exporting No noise or disturbance to passengers, while the cabin has distinctive sound insulation even when the roof is lowered.

Rolls-Royce Dawn engine

Rolls-Royce Dawn is equipped with a 6.6-liter V12 engine with a twin-turbocharger that generates 563 hp (570 hp European PS) and 780 Nm of torque connected to a ZF automatic and advanced eight-speed automatic gearbox, and a top speed of 250 Kilometers per hour (155 miles per hour).

Rolls-Royce Dawn price

Rolls-Royce Dawn price starts from ($ 350,000)