Sony's first car surprising everyone appeared at CES 2020

Sony's first car surprising everyone appeared at CES 2020

Today, the Japanese company Sony announced a new unexpected product, we will talk about the first Sony car in the world that surprised the world and appeared in the events of CES 2020.

It is an electric car model developed by the company itself to test the electric vehicle platform on which the company operates.

Sony, the leading and specialized group in the electronics industry, which is one of the largest international companies and has two headquarters in New York and Tokyo, by unveiling it at this global exhibition.

The Vision-S was named for the new electric car, which comes with a luxurious exterior styling similar to that of luxury cars from Porsche, especially with regard to headlights. It is a test project aimed at showcasing the efforts of the Japanese giant, which was started in 1946, by presenting technologies and developments related to the world of mobility.
Sony Vision S is an electric sedan category that emits from a percentage of 0 carbon dioxide emissions, and it is equipped with 33 sensors that include advanced optical sensors and radars to monitor the surrounding of the vehicle's body from the outside, and there are internal sensors for the cabin that contains On 4 seats for passengers, a giant glass roof comes over them, and they got second-row seats on large-sized screens installed behind the headrests of the front chairs for the entertainment and information system. 360 ° y B all passengers with headphones inside the seats.

Sony giant confirmed that this test car is equipped with the second level of self-driving systems, knowing that the all-new Mercedes S Class 2021 coming will be equipped with the third level of self-driving systems, which is the last level that allows the intervention of a human driver in the movement of the vehicle.

This car got a number of cameras and sensors inside the car to monitor passengers, and outside it to monitor the road, cars and surrounding things at every moment, which was developed inside the company depending on the company's long experience in the field of cameras sensors and sensors.
The car was developed according to the company's words by Sony's artificial intelligence team in Japan, which previously offered many smart products such as the famous Aibo smart assistant, and the car has already been tested on the highway to ensure that its sensors work as required however.

The Sony Concept car is based on a new chassis for electric cars, which is likely to be provided by Magna, and this test car was provided with two electric motors emitting 200 kilowatts, equivalent to 268 hp, to accelerate Sony Vision S from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds. Its speed is 239 km / h.

Other companies have been hired to make this electric test vehicle, including Bosch, Continental, NVIDIA and Qualcomm.

-Will the car be launched on the market?
-Will large numbers be produced?
-Or is it just a test of the company's auto platform that will be used by other car manufacturers?

(-But the most important question remains in your opinion, will Sony enter the world of the auto industry and produce this test model ?)