The new Mercedes S-Class 2021 in its clearest digital photos

The new Mercedes S-Class 2021 in its clearest digital photos

The clearest pictures depicting expectations about the design of the large German luxury sedan, based on the latest spy photos of a stealth test version of this model, which rivals the BMW 7 Series and Audi A8, Today we will talk about a very important star of Mercedes-Benz, which will be one of the most important new cars that will officially appear in 2020

And before talking about the next generation that will bear the name S Class W223, the German giant announced that it has manufactured more than half a million cars of the S Class W222, the current generation of the S-Class which was beginning in 2013 and that is close to the date of stopping its production, and this process was done in a factory Mercedes in the German city of Sindelfingen.

Today, dear autofast GT followers, we present to you the most imaginative pictures of the new Mercedes S Class 2021 presented by

These fictional images reveal to us the largest size new front grille, modernly designed headlamps, new front and rear bumper, along with sharp lines from the hood to the car doors that have hidden handles inside the body and new side mirrors covers and large, definitely new rims. From the back,

we notice the upcoming S-Class with this digital design getting new bulbs and lamps derived from its sister, the Mercedes CLS 2020, as well as a new rear air diffuser and new exhaust exits as well.

The new Mercedes S-Class 2021 has these options of engines:

*6-cylinder, 2.9-liter and 3-liter engine with a hybrid system, running on gasoline and diesel.

*The S63 AMG 2021 will be based on a 4-liter V8 with Twin Turbo for sure.

The date for the next generation of the S-Class has not yet been decided, but it will be in 2020 as a model for 2021