Mercedes benz G63 AMG Limo Inkas Armored

Mercedes benz G63 AMG Limo Inkas Armored

But before we talk about this modified car, we would like to remind you of our detailed driving test of the new Mercedes Benz G 63 AMG.

Mercedes G63 AMG dazzling enough with its previous model, it got dense adjustments from Canadian Inkas armored car maker VIP characters, by introducing their magical touch to it. , To become an armored vehicle in the SUV Limousine class.

The off-road icon Mercedes G63 AMG has turned into a limo with a bullet-proof and explosive-resistant armor in the event of an armed attack, after the Canadian company worked to lengthen it to 6.1 meters in length, which was certainly reflected in favor of the interior and specifically the rear row seats that became immensely appropriate To transport important people who need to be transferred to an armored vehicle that provides protection, safety and luxury as well, and Inkas did not add any visible changes to the German car except by increasing its length.

The massive change was reflected in the cabin of the Mercedes G63 AMG newest armored limousine, the entire interior was covered in ultra-luxurious leather and by using a unique stitching style more attractive and durable, focused on providing the highest standards of luxury for the rear seat passengers, so this modified car can accommodate two people in the second-row seats They sit on seats that provide an enormous degree of comfort and include a special  - massage -, and passengers got these seats on a sophisticated 4K screen, high-precision controlled by voice commands,  and ceiling with lighting.

 The interior of this car has cabinets suitable for placing very important office papers, so the G63 AMG becomes a portable office with immense protection.

Mechanically, the Mercedes G63 AMG Limousine relies on a 5.5-liter V8 engine that generates 563 horsepower, in addition to a thermal camera that monitors and records the surroundings and saves the data in a secure system.

 The price of the Mercedes G63 AMG Armored Limousine is $ 1.2 million.