The new Tesla electric truck will not obtain legal approval to allow it to be driven in all European countries!!!

The new Tesla electric truck will not obtain legal approval to allow it to be driven in all European countries !

One of the reasons why the new Tesla electric truck is not allowed in Europe is as follows:

Firstly:We assure you that the subject does not bear any kind of racist decisions since the CyberTrack  is an American-made pick-up vehicle that has received huge global purchase reservations, you must give up something in it to be approved for the functioning of this pick-up in Europe.
The decision not to allow the Tesla CyberTruck fully electric vehicle to drive on European roads was due to the German authorities, Because the new advanced bodywork is extremely solid and does not provide passenger protection, It also does not provide the design with flexibility to absorb shocks in the event of accidents, and this results in the failure to protect other vehicles that may participate in traffic collisions with the new Tesla electric truck, And it certainly will not protect the life of pedestrians from major injuries in the event of crashes But this is important for government decisions, particularly in Germany, where strict laws are enforced in all matters, specifically safety and security.

This decision may have been implemented after the embarrassing situation of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, while he was driving at night Tesla CyberTrack on a public street in California, USA, to collide with a roadblock without noticing it and to complete a way quickly, And we're talking about a huge car that has shatter-proof glass, according to Tesla's statements.
These official decisions make us expect that a special version of the new Tesla electric truck will be provided for the European market only.

(EU car standards are getting more difficult. Members of the European Parliament's Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee voted in February to agree to a set of new vehicle safety standards including automatic detection of pedestrians and cyclists, and European Parliament members also voted to install cruise control devices on all new cars starting in 2022, standard A new direct view of trucks and buses to enable drivers to get a better view from other road users about their cars.)