Koenigsegg ghost causes terror for Bugatti

Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut

Swedish Koenigsegg unveiled the all-new Jesco Absolute, which the brand described as "the fastest in Koenigsegg's history ... We will never be able to make a production car for roads faster than this."
We are talking about this news about the fastest Koenigsegg cars that have been made so far, and the Absolute version has been extended by 85 mm from the basic EISCO cars, and the huge rear spoiler in this new special version has been replaced by a pair of prominent bends that contribute to increasing the drag coefficient to 0.278 Cd .

The new information officially available indicates the fastest Koenigsegg cars can reach a speed of more than 500 km / h (310 mph), to be faster than the myths made by the French company My Time, but the strong question is whether there are car wheels that can withstand this much Phenomenal speed ???

This Swedish car is based on a 5-liter V8 engine with a twin turbo that emits power of no less than 1,600 hp in the event that it is equipped with E85 fuel, and in the case of using regular gasoline, the number of horses issued from this beating heart is 1,280, and the engine of the YESCO car is connected to Qir Of 9-speed double-clutch.

"This new car has got amazing speed numbers enough to break existing records, and we don't want to build something faster than that," Mr. Christian von Koenigsegg, founder of Koenigsegg, told the Top Gear team.

Koenigsegg should try to set this record of speed to actually document its ability to reach a speed of 500 km / h !!! But it will take some time, as the company mentioned, it must be arranged with the police in order to close a long street extending and this matter may take from one to two years.
Note: The name of this car is pronounced Koenigsegg Lisco Absolut and not JESCO as it is written in English letters. The letter J is not pronounced in Swedish.