Mercedes Benz: Daimler cuts at least 10,000 jobs.

Mercedes Benz: Daimler cuts at least 10,000 jobs.

Daimler, the German automaker that owns Mercedes-Benz, said a set of measures will be implemented to implement the cost-cutting plan, which will ensure the elimination of at least 10,000 jobs in 2022 ǃ

According to official data released by Daimler, owner of the Mercedes-Benz brand, 10,000 workers will be fired by the end of 2022 to implement a set of measures to implement the cost-cutting plan, which will cut about 1.4 billion euros as a result of this decision, and among other things.
(It has a workforce of about 300,000 workers spread all over the world).
"In addition, the possibilities for part-time retirement will be expanded and the termination program will be introduced in Germany in order to reduce jobs in the administration," he added, reduce the number of administrative jobs worldwide by 10%.

Certainly, this decision will entail the provision of the rights of all workers who will be dispensed with their services after agreeing with the trade unions.

At the same time, they suffered from low demand in China, while the trade war between Washington and Beijing had also affected growth.

A decision to reduce costs was made by dismissing this large number of Mercedes-Benz employees to invest this amount to expand investments to develop fully electric cars and cars that rely on self-driving technologies that Mercedes will produce.

Daimler's parent company, Mercedes, is intensifying its efforts by providing cooperation from other German companies in order to finance the huge investments to extend the future of electric cars and self-driving cars, in order to provide a huge transformation in the history of the car industry.

German automakers have been slow to adapt to new technological trends, including self-driving cars and electric cars.

Daimler said the auto industry was "going through its biggest transformation in its history".

The company said: "The development towards environmentally friendly mobility requires significant investment, which is why Daimler has announced that it will launch a program to increase competitiveness, innovation and investment strength."