record the history of the shocking decision of the Italian company Ferrari

shocking decision of the Italian company Ferrari

Our team is deeply saddened by the documenting of a sad historical event that the Italian dream car maker Ferrari, founded in 1947 in the Italian city of Maranello by the late Enzo Ferrari, had never before been exposed.

Being talking about an Italian company, of course, you learned that the Corona (Covid-19) epidemic which is currently spreading tremendously in Europe, and specifically in Italy, the home of the supercar industry, will definitely affect the car companies sector there.
Ferrari has officially announced that it will close its production lines in Maranello and Modena from 15 March until March 27, and this same decision followed by its rival Lamborghini company followed late last week, which included the closure of private production operations until March 25.
Perhaps many of you will say that the suspension of Ferrari production for two weeks is an acceptable decision, but this period is likely to be extended, as we are talking about a company in Italy amid the outbreak of the Corona virus, which has recorded more than 60,000 cases of the epidemic so far, including 5476 deaths, and unfortunately this The number of injured people will rise during the coming numbers, according to the expectations of the World Health Organization.

This decision will result in a delay in the production of my car; the Ferrari F8 tributo replacement 488 GTB, and the new Ferrari SF90 Stradall Hypercar that has a thousand horsepower and tremendous acceleration, but everyone agrees without any doubt that public health and safety are the most important for everyone.