The most luxurious French-made sedan

The new DS9 is the most luxurious French-made sedan

When we talk about the luxury of sedans comes the mention of Rolls-Royce phantom English mansion moving in the highest stages of luxury, but today we will introduce you to the new DS9 most luxurious French-made sedan.

We would like to remind you that the DS Automobile brand is a subsidiary of the PSA Group, which owns the two companies, Peugeot and Citroen, and the beginning of the company DS as a car brand separate from Citroen in 2015 globally and in 2012 in the Chinese market.

According to the information available to us, the new DS9 relies on the Peugeot 508 L, but got the identity of the DS cars in terms of sharp lines, emblems, a streamlined roof, and chrome accents, and the absolute luxury was on the interior of the sedan with leather, Alcantara, embroidery, a large center display, and a digital dashboard showing In a big screen behind the wheel.

The car comes in a very luxurious design with sharp side lines, a sloping roof and a lot of chrome accents, as the car is still luxurious and the manufacturing materials used in it, its comes with larger dimensions and a more luxurious design, and the car got the same design language as the DS7 crossover.

The car comes with very strong specifications and is equipped with important and powerful equipment and features that fit in a luxurious car like the DS9, and the car from the interior comes with very luxurious materials, we find leather brushes, Alcantara and many threads that feel luxurious, and the huge middle display gives you a luxurious feel about the car. The dashboard appears on a large screen behind the wheel, in the same shape that we saw in the DS7, which has won the admiration of many people and is a very distinctive design and shape.

This car depends on a hybrid system called E-TENSE plug-in hybrid that combines a gasoline engine running alongside an electric motor to issue two engines working together power of 225 hp, the car comes with an automatic gearbox of 8 speeds, and this car has an electric range to cover a distance ranging from 40 to 50 km without gasoline engine interference. The car will later be available with two other engine options; a 250-hp twin-engine, a 350-hp engine with a four-wheel drive system.