vw golf GTI 2021 officially

vw golf GTI 2021

Geneva 2020 auto show kicks off in Switzerland The all-new Golf GTI 2021 was unveiled online, before the hatchback of its eighth and all-new generation was on the German VW platform at the World Auto Show.

Above all, we would like to remind you that we have previously introduced you to the all-new Volkswagen Golf 2019.

The GTI version of the Volkswagen Golf MK8 from the outside is distinguished by having a front face bearing the GTI logo and it was also equipped with a wide bumper that has a black grille with a large and extended design that hides fog lights behind it in a stylish and distinctive youth design, and there are red accents around the headlights that include a strip Extended up to the VW logo.
And without any doubt, the greatest rims of this car are different from the basic model, with a 5-arm design that hides the behind, Brick Caliber, in red.

At the rear, the Golf GTI 2021 comes with LED lights in an elegant and distinctive design and two exhaust manifolds with matte black accents.

This version of the Golf MK8 is based on a 4-cylinder engine with a turbocharged power of 242 hp (245 hp European PS) and 370 Newton meters of torque, standardly connected with a standard 6-speed gearbox, and can be ordered with a gear Automatic DSG 7-speed double-clutch.

Interior This German car with a new entertainment system that works through a 10-inch screen, and the car has a digital dashboard.