Information on the engine power of the Nissan 400Z 2022 sports car

Information on the engine power of the Nissan 400Z 2022 sports car

Press information related to the engine power of the upcoming new Nissan 400Z 2022 sports car, which will represent the new generation of the Nissan 370Z.

 We want to remind you that the Nissan 370Z sports car appeared more than 12 years ago, specifically in October of 2008, and then press sources announced years ago that the new generation of it will appear in September of 2018, but we are now in 2020 and have not The fate of providing the new generation of this sports car is officially announced.
According to new information released by the Autocar team, it appears that the Nissan 370Z is trying to keep pace with the modern era so that the new generation of it gets the name of the Nissan 400Z 2022, which confirms that it will not appear this year.

The Nissan 400Z is supposed to rely on an engine borrowed from the Infiniti Q60, which consists of 6-cylinder V-6 with twin turbo will generate 400 hp and 475 Nm of torque, which will make the sports coupe The rear wheel drive system accelerates from sleep to 96 km / h (60 mph) in 4.5 seconds.

Although the engine of the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 40 communicates with a 7-speed automatic transmission, the upcoming Nissan 400Z will be available with a regular Gearbox switch.
Although the upcoming Nissan 400Z 2022 will get the same engine as the Infiniti Q60, it will accelerate and respond better to the roads because its size is smaller and its weight is much less than what will be considered a positive factor for it, and it is likely that Nissan will also provide them with a high-performance NISMO sports version, God willing. .

The unofficial report added that this new Nissan sports car will be unveiled within the next 12 months.