Mercedes EQE electric is coming to rival Tesla Model S (spy photo)

Mercedes EQE (spy photo)

Mercedes is currently developing a fully electric sedan that is EQE to compete with Tesla Model S.
Mercedes EQE is an electric class of the E-Class but with a shorter size and interior similar to the S-Class, with a lower height compared to the E-Class, and reports indicate that it will be revealed in the year 2022. EQE will be the third production car from the new EQ department of the German manufacturer After the Mercedes EQB to be unveiled in 2021, the company is already preparing for the launch of the EQA mini hatchback and EQV mini-van.

This advanced car will rely on a single electric motor that emits 402 horsepower (300 kW) and 765 Newton meters of torque, and the fully electric version of the Mercedes E Class will operate with a wheel-drive system.
It is assumed that this car, which depends only on electrical energy, can travel a distance of up to 600 km per electric charge. It will also have semi-autonomous driving systems along with a wide range of advanced features.

The Mercedes EQE is likely to be unveiled before the end of the next 2021 year, which will make it the 2022 Mercedes, and like the EQS it will be produced at the company's new factory located in Sindelfingen.