The next gen mazda 6 2023

mazda 6 2023

 According to the information published on the Car & Driver website, the sedan, which will be officially redesigned at the end of 2022, will appear as a model for the 2023, and the unofficial press report added that the Mazda sedan will adopt its entire new generation coming on a wheelbase that supports the new rear-wheel drive system. It is compatible with the supply of Mazda 6 2023 with a longitudinally designed engine.

Despite the lack of information, the press report suggested that the fourth and completely new generation of Mazda 6 be adopted in a linear 6-cylinder engine with Skyactiv-X technology, and the new Japanese car will receive a 48-volt hybrid system that supports the work of the gasoline engine, and this mechanical system is likely to be used. Also in the upcoming Lexus RC and Lexus IS cars in new generations, but it is too early to know these details.

Mazda Vision Coupe Concept that appeared at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, which drew the future identity of a sedan with 4 doors in a sporty coupe design, as the Mazda 6 2023 will get an exterior design inspired by it, so it is likely that the new generation of Mazda production sedan It will get more length compared to the current model, which will reflect on the spaciousness of the interior, and the upcoming new car will have an enormous amount of aerodynamics and agility in design.