The next gen Range Rover 2022 spy photo

Range Rover 2022

Range Rover from Land rover, a set of spy photos that show a test version of the upcoming new Range Rover 2022 was testing its performance in secret It is hidden beneath the camouflages that cover its structure as it moves over the snow in the freezing weather it is famous for on one of the Scandinavian countries.
It is clear to us that this trial version is for the long wheelbase version of Range Rover due to the size of the rear doors, It was remarkable in the fifth generation of the British Range Rover, and during looking at the new Rover photos, it might look bigger than before, in addition to adding a new front grille inlaid with luxury lighting and new front and rear bumper, in addition to that the overall design of the vehicle will be entirely new.

And its weight will be less compared to the current generation, as it will depend on a new chassis in which aluminum is used extensively and the upcoming Range Rover Sport 2022 will participate in it, and this chassis will be used on the upcoming new Jaguar cars as well.

Mechanically, this British car is likely to depend on a 4.4-liter BMW-derived engine from the Bavarian BMW with a twin turbo, to replace a 5-liter V8 with a Supercharged, and it is likely that an electric Range Rover will be available two years after the launch of the fifth generation, and it will be available from them Hybrid version too.