Aston Martin DB5 returns to production.

Aston Martin DB5 returns to production lines after 55 years of manufacture.

The Aston Martin DB5, which is known to be the most preferred and famous car in the world, is synonymous with permanent elegance and sporty performance, and the brand produced less than 900 of them between 1963 and 1965, and one of the most famous owners was the secret agent James Bond, where the car was associated Goldfinger's first movie, which was produced in 1964.

More than half a century after the launch of the new DB5 from the Aston Martin in Newport Pagnell Buckinghamshire, the brand began producing the new version of the limited-edition DB5, and the new version of the car is produced in cooperation with EON Productions, the company that produced the Goldfinger film, and includes a group A wide range of machines were used in the movie, which was shown in 1964, to be one of the most distinguished cars over the years.
The new version of Aston Martin DB5 is the latest and most valuable model in the new car program launched by the British luxury car brand in 2017 with a DB4 GT, and the price of the new version of the DB5 Goldfinger car is £ 2.75 million, in addition to taxes.

The design and development of the new version of the DP5 Goldfinger, which takes approximately 4,500 working hours in the special operations division of Aston Martin, is being implemented, and this section is currently the largest Aston Martin global facility that includes the latest equipment and expertise necessary for the renovation and maintenance of sports cars for the brand, thanks to Experienced and qualified cadres to implement projects redeveloping the historical brands.

Each of the 25 cars of this model will be built according to the highest levels of quality by mixing the craftsmanship of Sir David Brown's era and using the latest engineering technologies that contribute to improving performance. The car will also feature equipment used in the Goldfinger film in cooperation with Chris Corbold, holder of the Order of the British Empire, who has supervised more than 12 James Bond films.

All new cars carry the finest details of the DB5 that appeared in the movie, with some minor adjustments and improvements that guarantee the highest quality and reliability. The new version of the DB5 Goldfinger cars is built in a single color, the Silver Birch, which is similar to the original car.

Equipment inspired by secret agent James Bond's world, familiar with Goldfinger fans, has both of the following features:

The exterior hardware of the Aston Martin DB5:

*A system to generate a smoke cloud behind the car.
*A system that simulates a lubricating oil device.
*Durawah license plate at the front and rear of the vehicle (bearing 3 plates).
*Two unreal machine guns at the front of the car.
*Bulletproof back glass.
*Two controls on the front and rear of the vehicle.
*Unreal tire shredder.

Aston Martin DB5 interior hardware:

*Unreal radar screen.
*A phone at the driver's door.
*The release button on the gear shift knob.
*A set of buttons on the armrest and the center panel.
*The hidden cabinet under seats.
*Control device to operate the equipment.

The car also bears the external aluminum panels that distinguished the original DB5, which wraps around the steel body, and mechanically depends on a 6-liter 4-cylinder natural breathing engine that generates 290 horsepower, communicates with a normal 5-speed gear, and works with a rear-wheel-drive system.

The delivery of the new version of Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger to customers will start in the second half of 2020.