BMW alpina xb7 2021

BMW Alpina XB7 2021 officially 

Although BMW has decided that it will not make the M version of the X7, but you can always count on Alpina to give this luxury SUV an additional touch of power and beauty, today BMW Alpina XB 2021 is here for you, as in the case of the B7 that the company developed as an alternative to the missing M version of the seventh class cars, the XB7 came to complement the missing piece in the Bavarian manufacturer's cars lineup and with more power than the BMW X7 M50i that the company provides from the luxury SUV.

As usual, Alpina made simple exterior changes, with light touches, at the front, the new bumper bears the classic Alpina lettering and has large ventilation holes to provide the best ventilation for the 4.4-liter V8 engine with a twin-turbo, at the rear, the rear bumper got very slight modifications, but the modified B7-inspired exhaust system features dual exhaust nozzles, the XB7 exterior modifications are completed with 21 standard alloy wheels available.
For an additional cost, customers can choose rims larger than 23 inches, it is 12.7 kg lighter compared to the standard rims kit, surrounded by high-performance Pearlly wheels, wheels are enhanced with Brembo brakes and the new air suspension, whose height can be adjusted according to the vehicle's speed and the driver's position.

Inside, the Alpina XB7 is available as standard with three rows of seats and can be selected with a capacity of 6 or 7 passengers, while the cabin is furnished with high-quality soft-touch materials with a panoramic roof of three parts, and customers wishing for more excellence can choose the ceiling liner with the sparkling star-like feature that it provides Rolls-Royce luxury cars.

And the engine, there's the 8-cylinder engine that has been modified to generate 612 hp and 800 Nm of torque, this is an increase of 89 hp and 50 Nm compared to the BMW M7i BMW 7X, with this force, the car, which weighs 2,658 kg, rushes from zero to a speed of 60 mph (96 km / h) in just 4 seconds, reaching an electronically defined top speed of 290 km / h, the power is transmitted to the four wheels and XDrive via the 8-speed ZF automatic transmission.

The price of the BMW Alpina XB7 starts from 141,300 USD, and Alpina receives orders now while delivery will take place next September.