Elon Musk: This is what his Twitter account caused to Tesla Motors

This is what his Twitter account caused to Tesla Motors

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, expresses his personal feelings to everyone through his personal account on Twitter, but the exaggerated honesty on Twitter on the famous social networking site recently caused a disaster for the American company specialized in the electric car industry.
 Elon Musk's tweets caused a massive fall in the value of Tesla shares, which resulted in a record loss of about $ 14 billion in company value.
The result that awaits the sincerity of his feelings is very immediate in the financial market, so that a 12% drop in the value of the company’s shares will be recorded, and the decrease will eventually settle down at 9.5% !!!

This massive financial loss recorded by Tesla in the value of its shares due to the reckless comments of its CEO on social media, was also reflected on the owner of this reckless tweet for Elon Musk to record a personal financial loss of $ 3 billion.The newspaper "Daily Mail", Elon Musk is currently engaged in a settlement with the Stock Exchange and Securities Commission, which calls for controls on the tweets of Tesla Motors CEO on Twitter !!!

While the Mask of the Wall Street Journal replied in the negative when asked if this tweet was a joke !!!

Without any doubt, we all agree that this tweet, which is an official statement from Tesla’s president, is confusing, according to the expectations of legal experts, as it violates the Stock Exchange Law !!! In case Musk seeks to use it to reduce the value of Tesla Motors' shares as a form of financial fraud, but there is nothing settled for the time being, it may be a kind of hasty statements in the context of personal opinion from Elon Musk.