This is the fastest Corvette C8 2020 car in the world so far

This is the fastest Corvette C8 2020 car in the world so far

Fans of Speed ​​and Action are the fastest Corvette C8 2020 car in the world so far, and this number will surely be broken soon, after being modified by Hennessy Performance, it released a 650 horsepower engine.
Before showing the video, we would like to remind you that the famous American modification company, Hennessy, has previously announced that it is working to provide the new Corvette with a twin turbocharger to produce 1,200 horsepower, such as the number issued by the speed legend Bugatti Veyron, but we do not talk about this news about this upcoming modified car.

According to a new video posted on the Hennessy Performance Channel on YouTube, the fastest Corvette C8 2020 car in the world has been announced so far, after the modified car reached a speed of 330 km / h (205.1 mph).

During the beginning of the video, Hennessy reviewed some of the speed numbers she had recorded on board a car that she had previously modified, increasing our enthusiasm for more speed records on her private track in Texas, USA.
The review includes the following reminder:

*The modified Corvette ZL1 with its fifth generation modified from Hennessy reached 328 km / h (203.9 mph) during October 2012.

*The Hennessy C7 Stingray reached 322.7 km / h (200.6 mph) in December 2013.

*The modified ZL1 Camaro reached 349 km / h (217 mph) during February 2018.

Today we are talking about the fastest Corvette C8 2020 at the present time, which includes one of the eighth and all-new version of the Corvette equipped with the Z51 package, bringing the power of the 6.2-liter V8 to 650 hp, knowing that the basic Corvette engine comes With a strength of 490, and when equipped with a Z51 package, the power reaches 495 hp, and this power was increased through a modified stainless-steel exhaust system in addition to the Nitrous system, and as this car equipped with Continental tires runs.

This figure was recorded on May 8 when the modified Corvette was driven by professional driver John Heinricy to reach a speed of 330 km / h on the track, knowing that the maximum speed in the Corvette C8 without modification is 312 km / h (194) Mile / h).