2021 VW Golf R images leaked online

2021 VW Golf R images leaked online

After last October witnessed the launch of the all-new eighth generation of the German Volkswagen Golf hatchback, and in March documented the launch of the all-new Golf GTI 2021, and during the time we were still waiting for the launch of the new Golf R, pictures were leaked.
According to these leaked photos, the new Volkswagen Golf R model 2021 got a front facade with a fierce and elegant identity at the same time, including a front bumper different from the basic model, and from the sides there are rims with an elegant design that hides behind perforated disc discs and blue calibers break, and from the back There is a wing fitted to the roof, and there is a sports air diffuser that includes 4 exhaust exits with a double oval design on each side.

The leaked photos also included footage of the interior of the Volkswagen Golf R, which distinguished itself from the basic model by having sports chairs bearing the R emblems, and the use of the Alcantara in the cabin is clear.

Based on previously leaked information, the all-new Golf R2021 will depend on a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine with a turbo of 329 hp, which is likely to be 41 hp more powerful than the currently available model, and this beating heart will connect with the Double Clutch.

Once the R-version of the Volkswagen Golf hatchback is revealed, we will immediately provide you with its official photos and specifications.

source photo: motor1.com