The new airbags in the Mercedes S Class 2021 have the latest technology

The new airbags in the Mercedes S Class 2021 have the latest technology.

We would remind you that this luxury sedan, the large sedan that we have been waiting for years for, will officially appear on September 2.

This is not the first time we talk about what will be found in the interior of the new generation S-Class W223, so German Mercedes-Benz has officially revealed part of the technology and technologies that will be provided in the next most important Mercedes 2021 cars.
The details we got about today are related to the newest airbags in the Mercedes S Class 2021, and we are talking specifically about a new technology that will be available to protect the rear seat passengers from car collisions from the front, the details are still mysterious so far, but the information will be officially revealed through a series of The videos, named “Meet the S-Class DIGITAL, pave the way and excited us before launching the all-new S-Class.

Mercedes stressed that these airbags will be the first of its kind in production cars as they “carry a completely different concept from what the front airbags provide, and they also adapt to children's seats,” according to the giant company’s declaration, and this protection technology will not be exclusive to the luxury sedan S Class, which means that it will be available later in most new Mercedes cars, with its various models.

This new vehicle will also own the new Mercedes-Benz Pre-Safe Impulse Side system, which relies on the E-Active Body Control suspension system, to fully raise the vehicle in the event of the possibility of an imminent collision.

As a reminder, we previously showed you leaked pictures that reveal the design of the new generation of the S Class clearly, despite the presence of very slight camouflages.

Meet the S-Class DIGITAL video will be released soon, to know the details of the newer airbags in the Mercedes S Class 2021, and the competition against the BMW 7 Series will intensify.