Banning the sale of Mercedes cars in Germany because of Nokia

 Banning the sale of Mercedes cars in Germany because of Nokia.

It has been officially announced that a legal problem that may result in preventing the sale of Mercedes cars in Germany has been resolved, after Nokia's judicial victory over the German car maker owned by Daimler!
And as we are talking about the name of the Finnish technology company Nokia, we know that the legal problem that was filed against Mercedes-Benz is about a patent! Court income required to preserve intellectual property rights.
Official details announce Nokia’s victory over Mercedes within an official ruling from the judiciary in Mannheim, Germany, due to the German carmaker's violation of the patent for the technology of connecting mobile phones with cars owned by Nokia and placing it in its production cars without a license and official approval from the technology company. This court ruling banned the sale of Mercedes cars in Germany.

It should be noted that Nokia was making money from licensing patents on mobile phone technology, which amounted to more than one billion euros, equivalent to 1.19 billion US dollars or 4.47 billion Saudi riyals annually.
As everyone knows, the process of communication between a smartphone and a car is very important for all cars, so what is it that we are talking about Mercedes-Benz cars that are now facing the charge of infringing the patent on this technology shortly before the launch of the new generation of Mercedes S Class 2021, which will be On September 2nd this coming.
Mrs. Jenny Lockander, President of Nokia Technologies, said, “The ruling issued today regarding the infringement of a patent owned by Nokia by Mercedes Benz requires that the innovators and engineers at Nokia should receive a fair reward, and we hope that Daimler accepts the obligation to obtain a license on fair terms.”

With this court ruling, Nokia can prevent Daimler from preventing the sale of Mercedes cars in Germany, and this case now entails providing guarantees worth 7 billion eur, equivalent to 8.3 billion dollars, and this amount will be as compensation for the brand to cover serious damages to Nokia's engineers She waives her legal right for money, of course!

As a matter of knowledge, Nokia has two other cases against Daimler in German courts, in Munich and Düsseldorf. On the other hand, Daimler sued to exclude Nokia's patent claims in a separate court.