Mercedes S Class 2021 officially inside

 Mercedes S Class 2021 officially inside

The specifications and features of the most important Mercedes-Benz 2021 cars have been officially unveiled, today we will show you the pictures of the Mercedes S Class 2021 from the inside that were published on the Internet, before the launch date of the luxury sedan, which will take place on the 2nd of next September.
From the inside, the new ambient lighting system available in the cabin of the newest Mercedes 2021 appears, which will receive the most advanced and advanced systems in the Mercedes car.
The interior lighting, consisting of optical fibers that includes 250 LED lighting units, has been integrated with the advanced driver assistance systems of the new generation of the S-Class, competing for both: BMW 7 Series, and Audi A8.

for example :

In the event that the blind spot system detects a nearby car, it will use the interior lighting to give a red color to warn of the possibility of a collision.
Among the technologies that Mercedes-Benz will provide in the interior lighting of the all-new S Class is the adoption of special light colors to give comfort and warmth to the car's occupants in a way that integrates with the weather conditions, and the activation of massage in the seats provides lights with special colors, and the type of music that the passengers hear will play a role in The color of the lighting also, and these options of colors are made on the interior lights through voice commands requested by the driver on the car.

The interior of the Mercedes S Class 2021 will come with a 12.8-inch vertical design interior screen that supports the renovated MBUX infotainment system.

Apart from the official interior photos of the Mercedes S Class 2021, we have previously shown you images that show the exterior design of this car in a trial version with a few external camouflages.