The official disclosure date for the new advanced Hummer electric truck

The official disclosure date for the new advanced Hummer electric truck.

The American company GMC has officially announced the launch date of the new Hummer electric truck, which was supposed to be launched on May 20 of 2020 but the Corona virus pandemic has been postponed from this date.
We have obtained official information confirming that GMC will unveil its fully electric super truck in the fall, before it begins production in late 2021.
And we have already told you that the American manufacturer decided to return the Hummer brand, which left the production lines in 2010, but this model will return in a sophisticated and different form within the category of fully electric pickup vehicles, to compete with both: Tesla Cyber-Track, and Ford F150 with its all-electric version coming.

It was previously announced officially that the new Hummer electric truck will have very high performance numbers! As the power of its electric motors will reach 1,000 horsepower, the famous torque of its high number in any vehicle entirely dependent on electricity will reach 15,592 Nm.

And the most important development process that the upcoming new Hummer electric vehicle will receive as a model for 2022 compared to the old Hummer cars that have been discontinued for years; The Hummer H1, the Hummer H2, and the Hummer H3, will be in acceleration numbers, as the old Hummer cars had acceleration numbers from 0 to 100 km / h very slow due to their enormous weight, but the situation will differ radically with the new electric version where Hummer will be able EV coming from reaching a speed of 96 km / h (60 mph) in just 3 seconds!