2022 The new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class appears in digital form


2022 The new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class appears in digital form

Pictures of the all-new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class 2022 have spread online. Today, let us show you the digital imaginations of the more luxurious version of the S-Class W223 full-size sedan, the price of which was recently announced.

While we await the launch of the all-new Maybach S-Class, scheduled for next November, the shape of this upcoming car has been imagined based on the shape of the 2021 Mercedes S-Class with its newest generation, which officially appeared at the beginning of this September.

Without any doubt, the newest sedan from the Maybach division of Mercedes-Benz will derive its design from the basic model S-Class 2021, but it will get exterior touches that distinguish it in terms of rims, logos, new parts including the front check, bumper, exhaust exits and other details, and the transformation will be clear on its interior Which will represent the highest stages of luxury and luxury from the German car maker, who will try to compete with the second and completely new generation of the English mobile palace Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021, which our colleague Musab Shashaa met recently, in addition to the Bentley Flying Spur 2021 that has already been tested in one of the episodes of a special coverage program.

Now, let's talk about mechanical leaks related to the all-new 2022 Maybach S-Class specifications, it is likely that this luxury car will be available with two engine options; The semi-extinct V12 engine seems to Mercedes if these expectations are true and it is available on the Maybach 2022, and the V8 engine is available on the base model, but it will get slightly different performance numbers.

Also, expectations indicated that the power that the 12-cylinder engine might get if this luxury car was actually available would be 621 hp and the torque would reach a thousand Newton meters, according to Autocar.