All-new Mercedes E Class 2023 appears in digital form.

Imagining what an all-new Mercedes E Class 2023 might look like was imagined through a digital photo published by motor1.

After all of her sister got; The big Mercedes S Class 2021, and the small Mercedes C Class 2022 on entirely new generations, the mid-size sedan was satisfied with the facelift innovations on the 2021 Mercedes E Class (2021 Mercedes E Class).

But today we are talking about an all-new generation of the E Class that is supposed to be a production start on the 2023 car.

The form of an all-new Mercedes E Class 2023, which was imagined, derives its identity precisely from its younger sister Mercedes C Class 2022, which was officially unveiled in February of 2021 and which received advanced technologies borrowed from the large luxury sedan S Class 2021.

Up to the moment of writing this news, no test version has been spotted disguised below camouflages of a new Mercedes E-Class model of the upcoming 2023 model, which makes us think that Mercedes-Benz engineers are still working on the first stages of developing and building this model before driving experiences in extreme conditions.

We are talking in this news for the first time about the next new generation and the alternative to the W213 version of the Mercedes E Class that appeared in 2016 as the 2017 model year, and although there is no official information available about this upcoming new luxury car, we expect that it will derive a lot from; S Class, and C Class.